Cranky Chef Catering was born when a team of Cranky ** foodies came together to cook up a catering service like no other.

What began as an internal production kitchen to service our retail outlets swiftly evolved when people sampled our delicious, fresh, high-quality fare and asked the question – would you deliver this to our office?

We understand that everyone and every tribe is different. Our cranky chefs are highly experienced and thrive on creating unique menus for each event, using the best ingredients at hand. Our sandwich fillings are created with flavour and finesse, we season, roast and prepare all of our meats on site transforming the humble sandwich into a gourmet delight.

Our service doesn’t end with amazing food. From initial contact, you can trust Cranky to take your event to the next level with impeccable service. We have a Cranky catering team who ensure that our service meets the exacting standards of our very cranky boss! We listen to your unique requests, provide expert advice and consult to deliver a catering experience that exceeds expectations.

Relax and let Cranky take care of your next event. We’d love to work with you.

** Cranky (definition): Obsessed with high-quality food, creative, enthusiastic and committed to amazing service.


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